40 Under 40

A new generation of talent emerges…

A new generation of lighting design talent is emerging. It’s more driven, diverse, collaborative, curious, global, tech-savvy and passionate than ever. And it’s questioning how things are done.

Armed with the unparalleled breadth of technology and able to instantly draw on unlimited inspiration, these millennials are raising the bar on the creativity and quality of projects across the world.

To recognise and celebrate this cohort, 40 young lighting designers are selected as representatives of this new generation and ambassadors for their industry. All are outstanding young people with much to contribute.

Their mission is to take the craft forward in the twenty-first century, and to build on the work of the pioneers who created the profession and achieved recognition for it in previous decades.

We welcome them to lighting design, and look forward to seeing their increasing impact in the coming years.

40under40  culminates in a presentation evening – Lighting Design Awards. To learn more about the prestigious Lighting Design Awards click here. 


the 40under40 receive their awards